PSSI Soften, It Response Sriwijaya FC

PSSI Soften, It Response Sriwijaya FC

The feud of 15 clubs contestants League 1 Indonesia with PSSI finally melted after they met with the operator competition PT Indonesia New League (LIB) and PSSI at Sultan Hotel, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/10/2017)

Previously 15 contestant clubs filed demands and threatened a strike. It was immediately responded to PSSI Chairman Edy Rahmayadi who will stop the competition. But in yesterday’s meeting, the explanation from PTLIB was finally understood by all the contestants.

Based on the information by the Secretary of PT. Sriwijaya Optimis Mandiri (SOM), the manager of Sriwijaya FC club, Faisal Mursyid, has all been completed alias there are no obstacles running in the rest of the competition.

“The main problem is listening to the explanation of PTLIB there also attended by the leadership of PSSI So there is no other problem.When listening to us from Sriwijaya FC and I who was appointed to represent the club asked his response we accept and no problem,” he said.

He further said the club, nicknamed Laskar Wong Kito, would continue to commit to continue the competition until the end. This means that the explanation obtained by 15 clubs called no more rock stoned. But Faisal hopes after the match is over there should be an evaluation for the performance of competition in the country is increasing its level.

“Our hope from the club to be ahead of the competition is better, so the evaluation and improvement must be done in the upcoming competition,” he said.

Previously 15 clubs threatened to boycott League 1 matches, if their demands are not met until the deadline of October 14, 2017.

The clubs that threaten the strike are Arema FC, Barito Putera, Bhayangkara FC, Madura United, Mitra Kukar, Persegres Gresik, Persela Lamongan, Perseru Serui, Persiba Balikpapan, Persija Jakarta, Persipura Jayapura, Makassar PSM, Borneo FC, Semen Padang, and Sriwijaya FC.

Those who threaten the strike call for three aspects to the operators they think are very important and fair in the 2017 League 1 competition. The three aspects are the business, technical and legal aspects that are still far from expectations.

Persib Winning Telak, This Cause Defeat Sriwijaya FC

Persib Winning Telak, This Cause Defeat Sriwijaya FC

Bitter reality back received Sriwijaya FC after entertaining Persib Bandung at Gelora Stadium Sriwijaya Jakabaring, Palembang, Monday night (4/9/2017) Judi Dadu. Skuat nicknamed Warriors Wong Kito it must recognize the greatness of his guests are able to shower his goal with 4 goals ..

With the defeat of Hilton Moreira and colleagues failed to rise to the middle of the standings board. While a successful three-point incision continue the positive trend Persib in the middle of the standings League 1.

After Sriwijaya FC game coach Hartono Ruslan revealed the cause of failure of foster children. According to many fundamental mistakes committed foster children so that it can be conceded with a large enough amount.

“From the beginning we have been using the attacking game, but we have enough difficulty to dismantle the opponent’s defense and there are many mistakes to conceded from the visitors,” Hartono said.

The Solo coach, explaining the two goals that occurred in the first round because of back-line communication is not going well. One goal scored Ezechiel Ndoasell minute 17 because wing defender Sriwijaya FC late to help down the defense.

Then, Michael Essien scored because of the hesitation between the defender and the goalkeeper in mengintersave the opponent’s attack.

“Two goals in the first half was indeed poor inter-line communication so it is used by the opposing team.As the second goal of Persib Essien star, it is clearly our mistake, if only quickly discarded would not happen goals,” he added.

Biang Keladi Failure

In addition to the fragility of the back line, blunt spearhead Laskar Wong Kito is also considered the culprit failure of Sriwijaya FC in winning big match match last night. From Hartono’s note his foster children have 11 chances, but only 1 chance just to bear fruit, itupun happen towards the end of the game.

It was berbading with 8 opportunities produced Persib Bandung which produces 4 goals against Teja Paku Alam goal.

“The kids have a good strategy but our touch finishing is very bad, we have a lot of chances but it’s one goal that we need to evaluate and there should be a solution to overcome this problem,” he concluded.

SEA Games 2017, “Rooney” Malaysia Ever So Nightmare U-22 national team

SEA Games 2017, “Rooney” Malaysia Ever So Nightmare U-22 national team

Indonesia U-22 national team will play Malaysia in SEA Games 2017 semi-finals on Saturday (8/26/2017) Agen Maxbet. Luis Milla’s troops should be wary of Malaysia’s top scorer, Thanabalan Nadarajah.

Currently, Thanabalan collected three goals scored against Singapore and Myanmar. Indonesian public also surely know, this Malaysian striker had been a nightmare U-22 national team when scored the third goal against Satria Tama approximately a month ago in the U-23 Asian Cup Qualifying event.

Indonesia then lost 0-3 from Malaysia in the opening match. These minor results include the main cause of Garuda Muda’s stalled steps that failed to qualify for the final round of the event.

Thanabalan is a Malaysian club player, Felcra, on loan from Negeri Sembilan. Before playing for Felcra, he is in the Nine Country U-21 team and up to the senior team.

Thanabalan Nadarajah (left) celebrates after scoring in the 2017 SEA Games.

Malaysian media, NST, juxtapose Thanabalan’s abilities with striker Wayne Rooney because he can play in several positions. Previously, he played on the right side, but in the SEA Games his position was moved to be the main attacker.

“My position changed from the right striker to the main attacker in the 3-4-3 formation,” he said as reported by BolaSport from NST.

“I am very honored compared to Wayne Rooney but I am nothing at this moment, my focus is only to bring Malaysia to gold in the SEA Games,” he said again.

Thanabalan dedicates every goal he scored for his paralyzed father from an accident in 2013.

Mother’s Coming So Motivated Shohei Matsunaga to Go Back Print Goals

Mother’s Coming So Motivated Shohei Matsunaga to Go Back Print Goals

Persib Bandung will face the top standings while Liga 1 Indonesia, Persipura Jayapura, at Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, on Monday (28/08/2017).

Persib attacker imported, Shohei Matsunaga, determined to score the goal he wants to dedicate to the mother who was coming to Bandung.

“I always want to score, yesterday the mother came from Japan, so add motivation,” said Shohei at Mes Persib, Ahmad Yani Street, Wednesday (22/08/2017).

The Japanese penggawa it was experiencing a goal drought. Currently, he just pocketed three goals.

The decline in the productivity of Shohei’s goals can not be separated from the new task that he held. In Persib, Shohei served as an opening hole attacks and feeder for the main bomber Persib.

Although dragging goals, Shohei acceleration is often the starting point of the birth of goals Persib. Persib chance to win at home to Persipura is heavy.

However, Shohei optimistic his colleagues are able to surprise the camp host.

“We have to win, too, and we are in the top position, we are not afraid because many players are qualified, I am optimistic to steal points,” said Shohei full of motivation.

Shohei realize that getting points at home to Persipura team is not an easy matter.

“We heard it was hard to win there, but three times their opponents are positive, I do not know (strength of Persipura) now, I am against anyone who is important to play good,” he said.

Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Latest News about Satria Tama Condition

Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Latest News about Satria Tama Condition

Goalkeeper U-22 Indonesia, Satria Tama, will still occupy the bench reserve Garuda Muda squad on Thursday (24/8/2017).

Therefore, 20-year-old goalkeeper was declared able to play.

Previously, Satria Tama had injured in the second half when Indonesia counter Vietnam and must be held to leave the field on Tuesday (22/08/2017).

At that time, Satria Tama was replaced by Kurniawan Kartika Ajie. Then, he was threatened absent because of the injury.

In fact, at the afternoon training session on Wednesday (23/08/2017), Satria Tama has not joined other players and just walked around the Safe Club Area, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After the exercise, Satria Tama was taken to a hospital (RS) for further examination by team doctor Syarif Alwi.

The results of the examination turned out to produce positive news. Satria Tama can be played if coach Luis Milla is pleased.

“After the final examination, Satria Tama’s injury is not serious,” said Media Officer U 22 Indonesia, Donny Fahrochi.

“The matter of him (Satria) is installed or not, it is the authority of the coach, but Satria can be played tomorrow,” he said on Wednesday (08/23/2017) night.

To that end, goalkeeper Diky Indrayana has not been registered. Previously, this goalkeeper will be registered if Satria can not play.

Already Dig, Carlton Cole Still Exercise With Persib

Already Dig, Carlton Cole Still Exercise With Persib

Although already kicked management Persib Bandung, Carlton Cole still seen following the training with skuat Maung Bandung. Cole underwent training at the Siliwangi Stadium, Bandung, Wednesday (02/08/2017) this morning.

Caretaker Coach Persib Bandung, Herrie Setyawan, reluctant to comment related to train former West Ham United players. “No comment well if that’s the case,” he said after training, Wednesday (2/8/2017).

Herrie said, he only runs the job as a coach. Regarding the fate of the players, Herrie gave everything to management.

“Here I am just a caretaker, who is the player who is here (following the training) will I train, if the other, it asks management,” Herrie said.

Previous Persib Bandung manager, Umuh Muchtar, chose to break Cole’s contract after the first half of the League 2017 season. Cole then spoke in the British media about the lack of opportunities to play.

The former Chelsea player has only played in five matches. Cole is also not even able to score goals for Persib, the reason that is used by management to kick him.

Police Appointment Investigate Bobotoh’s Death in Persib Vs Persija Game

 Kapolrestabes Bandung, Kombes Pol Hendro Pandowo, berjanji akan mengusut tuntas kematian suporter Persib Bandung

Police Appointment Investigate Bobotoh’s Death in Persib Vs Persija Game

Kapolrestabes Bandung, Kombes Pol Hendro Pandowo promised to investigate the death of Ricko Andrean (22). Bandung Persib supporters were killed after being attacked by fellow bobotoh while watching duel Persib Bandung Vs Persija, Saturday (22/07/2017).

Ricko suffered a concussion and was treated at the hospital Santo Yusuf, Bandung. But his life was not helped and died around 10:00 this morning.

“We are also grieving with the death of one of Ricko Andrean’s bobotoh.” Hopefully khusnul khotimah and family left behind are given patience and fortitude, “Hendro said as he mourned the funeral home in Cicadas on Thursday (07/27/2017).

According to Hendro, his side has been doing though the scene of the case at the Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire Lake to find new evidence related to this case. The investigation will not continue until the officers find the perpetrators of the persecution.

“I have ordered Selat Serse with the ranks of the Gedebage Chief of Police, yesterday was checking again,” said Hendro.

TKP (the scene of the case) at the door of S B3, already doing crime scene, looking for evidence and there are some clues we’ve got, “said Hendro.

In addition, several witnesses have been questioned. Starting from Bobotoh, police officers, security officers, and organizers of the team’s home game nicknamed Maung Bandung.

“After the funeral we will move quickly to be able to identify who the perpetrators who do this pengeroyokan Some witnesses we have examined,” he said.

“This is a concern for all of us, hopefully this last event and not repeated again,” said Hendro added. *

League 2: Persebaya Prioritize Finding Defensive Players

Persebaya Berlatih

League 2: Persebaya Prioritize Finding Defensive Players

Surabaya will fix their defense Situs Judi Bola. It stood out after the management and the ranks of the coach to evaluate their performance in the arena of Liga 2 Indonesia, so far.

So far, Persebaya goalkeeper seven times conceded. Meanwhile, when compared to the number of goals scored Persebaya compared slightly, only 11 goals dilesakan Rendi Irwan and friends.

This is what makes the ranks of coaches and management Persebaya must move quickly close the gap Bajul Ijo defense. Most likely they are spending the defender first.

“This is the back that needs special attention, so our priority is to increase the back line,” said Team Persebaya Director Chandra Wahyudi, Tuesday (18/7/2017) morning.

Persebaya has a long time in the shopping of players, because PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the operator of the competition, has issued the notification that the transfer market will begin July 16 until August 5.

“We will take advantage of the transfer market, we have coordinated with the coaching team to find suitable and mature players so we do not have to do any selection,” he told

Until now, Chandra reluctant to disclose the names of players who are already within reach Persebaya radar. According to him, anyar players later should quickly adapt to the conditions of the team. In addition, the presence of new players should be able to boost performance Persebaya.

“New players should be able to make an important contribution and immediately boost the team because this is the second round, so we can not pick players again like before,” he said, again

Capital Persib Face Madura United

20150906-Pecundangi Persebaya United, Persib Pastikan Tiket Delapan Besar Piala Presiden 2015-Bandung

Capital Persib Face Madura United
Persib Bandung will face Madura United (MU) at Gelora Bangkalan Stadium on Sunday (9/7/2017) in advanced Liga 1 Agen Casino Online. Coming to this fight, Maung Bandung – Persib mention – have the capital to undergo an away game.

MU is one of the competitive teams in League 1 2017. The club nicknamed Sapeh is often in the third position with 22 points from 12 matches. MU has not swallowed defeat in the home game.

However, Persib did not want to flinch. Tim made by Djadjang Nurdjaman it has good capital to play in Bangkalan. Maung Bandung beat peak league standings, PSM Makassar with the score 2-1, 5 July.

“The opponent (Madura United) is above, but we’re not afraid,” said Persib midfielder Dedi Kusnandar on the club’s official website.

The man who is familiarly called Dado affirmed, Persib have the quality of stealing points in Bangkalan. However, Maung Bandung had to work extra hard to defeat Sapeh often.

“They always make good at home, we (Persib) have to work hard and stay alert to their attacks,” said Dado closed.

League Schedule 1 Week 13

Liga 1 Logo

League Schedule 1 Week 13
League 1 2017 schedule has entered the 13th week which took place starting Friday (7/7/2017). Mitra Kukar contra Semen Padang at Aji Imbut Stadium will be the first match in the League 1st week of the 13th.

In the standings of League 1, distance Mitra Kukar and Semen Padang not too far away. Mekes dragons – the mention of Mitra Kukar – are ranked 11th with 18 points. While Semen Padang in position 13 with 17 points.

The next exciting party will happen at Stadin Kanjuruhan. Two Super League champions Indonesia, Arema FC and Sriwijaya FC will face each other.

Then at Gelora Bangkalan Stadium, Madura United who are in second position will host Indonesia Super League champions 2014, Persib Bandung.

While Persija Jakarta will be a special guest. Skuat nicknamed Tiger Kemayoran it will host Persipura Jayapura at Bekasi Patriot Stadium.

See the 13th week of League schedule on the next page.

League Schedule 1

Friday (7/7/2017)
Mitra Kukar Vs Semen Padang
Arema Vs Sriwijaya

Saturday (8/7/2017)
Persela Vs Borneo
Perseru Vs Gresik United
Persija Vs Persipura

Sunday (9/7/2017)
Barito Putera Vs Persiba
PSM Vs Bhayangkara
Madura United Vs Persib

Monday (7/10/2017)
PS TNI Vs Bali United